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Digital Relations Global is a Florida based Public Relations / Advisory firm that provides a vast array of services to clients of all shapes and sizes. We are an all-encompassing firm designed to fit many needs for your business that often go under or overlooked while dealing with advertisers, in house marketing strategies, regulatory compliance, or even just the learning curve for new business owners.

Digital Relations Global is the preferred solution for individuals, small businesses, startup companies, and enterprise customers with complex needs. We have a proven track record in perception management, peer to peer marketing solutions, fruitful consultations involving market trends, and playing a critical advisory role in many enterprise capacities. Whether you are a small artist looking to get recognized, or a large company looking for potential mediums of expanding your business, Digital Relations Global is the prime solution for your consolatory and public relations requirements.


We provide immediate solutions for marketing in many capacities. We have a number of strategies that involve direct communication with your potential clients: word of mouth field agents, research driven social media placement, strategic article placement on the internet and in the field, and many more methods which can be utilized to increase traffic to your physical business or web based content. We are open to many strategies and are willing to work with in house development teams when executing our services.

Public Relations

For the majority of professionals, it is difficult to manage the volume of communications and updates involved in maintaining a thriving community around your business. When you can't be there to interact with clients and keep them informed with fair and accurate information about your business, Digital Relations Global has a team of highly skilled individuals which can maintain your digital presence through your website, social media, and many other nice communities on the internet. For times where you need to reach an audiance that can only be found in the field, we have a staff of clean cut, well spoken, professional individuals who can represent your organization in a public speaking capacity, on a personal level with specified or generalized individuals, and many more scenerios in which you are unable to represent your organization in a physical location. We offer live perception management solutions in which we manage the public image of a community, individual, or organization. Custom public relations requirements with infinite complexity are always welcomed. No task is too large for Digital Relations Global.


Digital Relations Global can also act in an advisory and consultancy capacity. Our team of trained professionals have expertise in a wide variety of business models, and have acted in an advisory capacity to Individual Entertainers/Artists, Real Estate Agents and Brokers, Technology/Financial Technology Startup Companies, Beauty/Fashion Designers Affiliates and Distributors, Hair & Massage Professionals, Food Service and Distribution, as well as a large number of miscellaneous shops. We have an extensive network of business professionals who are prepared to offer high quality advisory services for your business.


If you have a concept that you would like to bring to life, or currently own a business and are pondering a new route to expanding your current venture, you can contact Digital Relations Global for a professional multi-step consultation where we will bring to light any potential inefficiencies, expand upon the ideas you have presented, and optimize your strategy to help make your vision come to life!

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